A Taste of Georgetown

1I have plenty of favorites when it comes to Georgetown, and Guyana on the whole.

It’s a place that, for me, always revives. And a place I have had many new experiences.

 One experience well worth noting has been in exploring the many different tastes Georgetown has to offer. Yes, this one is about food. Guyanese style. Keep in mind I’m only talking about Georgetown here. A taste of Guyana’s countryside will have to wait for the next blog…

 Here are my top ten picks:


1. The Eggball, With Sour


Hands down favorite. It’s like a kinder-surprise, but of the breakfast sort.

Place to get it: the little shacks by Cheddi Jagan Airport (possibly soon to be bulldozed!)


2. Pepperpot


Sweet, tangy and stewed for days – this one is a Christmas treat in Guyana.

Place to get it: Arawak Steakhouse 


3. Pouree & Curry


Pouree is a bit like a roti on steroids.

Place to get it: Shanta’s 


4. Salt Fish & Bake


Looks a bit like packman with a head cold in this shot, but trust me – it’s good.

Place to get it: Hotel Ariantze does a nice one. 


5. Callalou


If there’s a popeye in Guyana, he’s eating this.

Place to get it: most family-owned food bars


6. Ital


Possibly the most all-around rewarding dining experience you can have in GT.

It’s vegetarian, salt-less and cooked by sound of mind (and heart) rastas.

Place to get it: Steppers or House of Flavors 


7. Cookup


Rice, beans, coconut and assorted meat. You can’t go wrong.

Place to get it: This one can be a little tough; best to visit a friend’s house.


8. The Mango – ‘Buxton Spice’


A staple in Guyana. Just don’t cut your hand trying to be fancy with it.

Place to get it: Bourda Market 


9. Sugarcane


Guyana almost wouldn’t be Guyana without sugarcane.

Just be sure to spit out the fibers when finished, otherwise it’s a little rough going down.

Place to get it: The seawall on a Sunday night.


10. Sorrel


For those who have had ‘brio’ and usually drink coke, sorrel offers that same, weird first moment of ‘oh….OH……hmm. Yup, I like it!’

Place to get it: Juice Power


 If you have just returned from Guyana and are missing it dearly (I’ve been there) or even if you’ve never been and want a taste then try making your own!

For all of the above and more check:




– Ryan Tucker, International Partnerships & Development Director


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