While YCI hasn’t exactly been active in our blogging pursuits over the last six months, our volunteers have been more than making up for it by writing about their own journeys with YCI across the globe. (And let’s face it–reading about our partner’s work in Tanzania is probably far more interesting than reading about our Toronto office’s favourite lunch spots.)

Check out Trip to Africa, today’s featured YCI blog, to learn more about our programming in Tanzania!

“The final time we met, he asked us “Is there anywhere around here to get tested for HIV/AIDS? I have not been tested for a very long time, and it is important that everyone get tested every few months.” We told him our partner organization conducted tests, so we went with him and his friend to the center to get tested; the results for both, thankfully, were negative. It goes to show that the message here is spreading, and that people are not only aware of HIV/AIDS, but that people know that there is somewhere for them to go for help. . .”

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