Donate $20 for 20 Years

YCI 20 Year Anniversary

20 Years of Leadership. 20 Years of Innovation. 20 Years of Partnership. 20 Years of Youth Development. 20 Years of Positive Change.

Where will the next 20 years take us?

Since 1989, YCI has sent more than 3,000 volunteers overseas to work alongside youth on environment, health, leadership development, education and economic development projects in 15 countries worldwide.

Celebrate YCI’s 20th anniversary of building communities and leaders by donating just $20. Help us reach our goal of $20,000 to support our local and global youth development programs.

Why donate to Youth Challenge International?

Youth Challenge International is a leading global youth development organization that promotes youth innovation to drive positive change. Building on 20 years of experience, YCI’s programs are designed to meet the needs of youth affected by poverty through five integrated sectors: economic development, education, leadership development, environment and health.

In the last 20 years, YCI has:

  • Provided more than 3000 volunteers with the opportunity to develop leadership skills and effect positive change in their local and global communities.
  • Worked in 15 countries alongside more than 16 local partner organizations.
  • Reached thousands of beneficiary youth through HIV/AIDS, sexual reproductive health, education, employability and leadership programs.
  • Engaged hundreds of young people on team-based action projects that encourage global citizenship through the Volunteer Action Network.
  • Participated in countless community development and conservation programs, including the construction of schools, water and sanitation, and ecotourism projects.
  • Facilitated 37 International Youth Internships, which provide young people with their first substantive overseas work experience.

Your tax-deductible donation of $20 will go towards supporting YCI’s local and global youth development organizations.

We engage youth in creating solutions to the challenges they face. YCI incorporates youth development, volunteerism, partnership, equity and advocacy into all that we do.

Here are a few ways you can donate:

• By mail – send in a cheque or credit card information to Youth Challenge International, 20 Maud St., Suite 305, Toronto, ON, M5V 2M5

Please address cheque donations to Youth Challenge International, with a memo of 20 year donation.

• By phone – call us toll-free 1.877.504.3370

• In person – visiting our office

• Online – visit our website at

To read more about YCI’s programs and how YCI uses your donations, please visit


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