Scholarly Pursuits

With over 3,000 alumni in action all across Canada, the kind of news we receive about where our volunteers and staff have gone can be overwhelming and, at times,  awe-inspiring. Maggie McDonnell, a former YCI field staff member in Tanzania, is no exception to this rule. (Maggie is on the far left in the above photo, taken during the World AIDS 2008 activities in Mexico City.) She’s currently participating in the Sauve Scholarship program in Montreal. You can read more about Maggie here.

Each year, the Sauvé Scholars Program invites up to 14 young leaders (30 years old or less) from across the globe who want to change the world, to come to Montreal for the academic calendar year. They live together, have unlimited access to McGill University’s academic programs and other resources – including lectures, conferences and events suited to the advancement of their individual professional and intellectual goals – all the while benefiting from exchanges with their fellow Scholars. The program is still accepting applications until November 30, so if you’d follow in Maggie’s footsteps, check out

While a Sauvé Scholar, Maggie will pursue study in social entrepreneurship, indigenous health, transnational feminism, and the role youth are playing in participatory research for community development. . .Specific projects Maggie will be working on include developing a participatory, youth-led chocolate making cooperative in Zanzibar, as well as collaborating with female athletes in Tanzania to create empowering sport opportunities for women. . .


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