Enter YCI’s Video Competition!

Enter YCI’s Challenge 4 Change video competition and win over $500 in prizes!

If you are one of YCI’s preparing volunteers, a member of the Volunteer Action Network, or a YCI alumnus, we want to hear from you!

Create a short video about your global youth development work experience in relation to one or more of these 4 topics:

  • Global Citizenship
  • Local Volunteerism
  • Global Volunteerism
  • Your Project’s Sector Focus

Three videos will be chosen as winners and will be posted on YCI’s website and YouTube Channel, as well as used in other communication materials. In addition to being featured across multiple sites, winners will also receive:

  • 1st place – $250, a YCI prize pack and a Pentax Optio E80 Camera
  • 2nd place – $150, a YCI prize pack  and a Digital Picture Frame
  • Volunteers’ Choice Award – $100 and a YCI prize pack

We will also give you a chance to cast your votes for volunteer choice video of the year which will be awarded with the volunteer of the year award!

Ready? Set? Go! Here are some ideas to help get you started:

  • Global Citizenship:
    • What does it mean to be a global citizen?
    • How do YCI’s domestic and international programs embody global citizenship?
  • Global Volunteerism
    • Are you a returned volunteer? What was your project like? How did affect you?
    • Are you an alumni? Where did your experiences with YCI take you professionally or personally?
    • Are you a preparing volunteer? What made you want to get involved with YCI?
  • Local Volunteerism
    • Now that you’ve returned to Canada, how are you turning your global volunteerism into local action?
    • Why did your YCI experience make you want to become involved in your home community?
    • For preparing volunteers—how do you plan to turn your local volunteerism into global action?
  • Your Project’s Sector Focus
    YCI’s programs are designed to meet the needs of youth affected by poverty through five integrated sectors:
    • Economic development
    • Education
    • Leadership development
    • Environment
    • Health

Your video will be judged based on the effectiveness and creativity in the communication of your message, as well as production quality.
• Video submission must come from members of the YCI community, including Volunteer Action Network members, alumni or preparing volunteers
• Videos must feature the Youth Challenge International logo (please contact YCI at generalinfo@yci.org for a high-res version of the logo)
• Use only original or royalty-free music and images in your video.
• Must be no more than five minutes in length.
• Videos may also be submitted through email or mail.
• Videos may be submitted by individuals, or by teams.

To enter YCI’s Video Competition, please upload your video onto Youtube and send the link, along with your contact information, a short bio and a signed copy of the Declaration and Release form (click here to download the form), to YCI atgeneralinfo@yci.org. (Videos may also be submitted through email or mail.) Submit your video submission no later than March 25, 2010, 9:00 AM EST.

All entries become the property of Youth Challenge International, including all intellectual property rights, and will not be returned. It should be understood that this involves that Youth Challenge International will have the right to use all submissions they receive as they see fit. Entrants will also be required to represent that all persons connected with the production of the video and all other persons whose names, voices, photographs, likenesses, work, services and materials have been used in the video have authorized the use of their names, voices, photographs, likenesses, performances and data in connection with the distribution, advertising, promotion and exploitation of the video. All entrants shall submit a signed Declaration and Release and waiver of moral rights attaching to the work(s), which is part of this entry form, with their entry.


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