Internship Blog: Marika in Peru

Marika Escaravage first became involved with YCI in 2007 when she volunteer in Costa Rica. For the past couple of years, she also been an active member of YCI’s Volunteer Action Network team in Ottawa. Acting as team leader, she led a team focused on HIV/AIDS.

This January, she left for Peru to complete an internship with, Acción Por los Niños (APN), a children’s rights organization in Lima. You can read more about Marika’s experiences in Peru here.

“APN is addressing these issues. More specifically, they have campaigns against the sexual abuse and exploitation of children and against human trafficking. These are causes that are close to my heart and which have played a big part in me adding law school to my life plan. It may seem like disturbing issues and injustices to be working on, but it would be far more disturbing to know about what’s going on and stay idle. I suppose this kind of mentality is what has guided me towards a career in international development in the first place. . .”


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