Featured Volunteer Blog: My Life in Mombasa

Ever wondered what it’s like to prepare for a YCI project? Then Ellie’s blog, My Life in Mombasa, is a must-read. In addition to fundraising tips, Ellie also shares advice that she’s received from Kenya alumni and YCI staff, including key tip from Tanja Zivanovic (Kenya 2007 & Ethiopia CIDA intern 2008): “One thing I can recommend is not to have any specific expectations.”

Ellie will be headed to Kenya for 10 weeks in May.

“Man, it is not easy preparing for a trip like this. The staff at Youth Challenge International has been so supportive throughout this process. While it was very difficult to find an international program that really appealed to me, my experience with the CIDA sponsored organization has been absolutely amazing. . . If you have just been selected to work with YCI, I am sure you will have a great time as well. Last month was quite busy for me. On top of the various exams, papers and club activities that I need to complete, I had to squeeze in some time to get all of my vaccinations and pre-trip preparations finished. . .


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