Creative Reporting

As the person in the YCI office who regularly reads, files and edits reports, “creative reports” have quickly become one of my favourite parts of my job.

Creative projects were a component  of YCI’s Global Youth Leadership (GYL) program (2007-2010). These reports allowed volunteers to share their experiences, engage the Canadian public in international development, and of course, were also great excuse for volunteers to report in a medium that wasn’t just another written report. (This explains why it’s become one of my favourite types of reports: Sometimes, just sometimes, I get a little weary of reading through 40-page long written activity reports, monitoring and evaluation results and logframes.)

Throughout the last couple of years, I’ve received PowerPoint presentations, videos, photos, websites, blogs, ‘zines, murals and even tapestries. And, just as the GYL program came to a close, I received this one last creative project, which although simple, may be my favourite to date:

It may have been the last creative project for GYL, but I’m sure the Global Youth Partnership (2010-2014) program will have many more to offer.

-Jessica Lockhart, Program Coordinator


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