Featured Volunteer Blog: Where in the World

Jane Schlosser is volunteering with YCI as part of a 10-week project that started in Tanzania on May 3, 2010. Now four weeks into her project, Jane and her teammates in Zanzibar are thick into programming–including facilitating English classes and computer trainings, organizing HIV/AIDS awareness talent shows and running a rural girls’ club.

To read more about Jane’s reflections on her volunteer experience and YCI’s programs in Tanzania, visit her blog: Where in the World.

“English class is my favourite! We have a large group of about 20 in the Zanzibar town area at a place called ZANGOC (Zanzibar NGO Cluster). They are total characters. Many of them are very outgoing, and they always want to practice their English before and after class. Liz and I have definitely had to answer some interesting questions (no, I am not married, and no I am not getting married during my two month stay). This group is more advanced than our other class. . .

For more volunteer blogs, check out our Travel Diary category.


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