From the Archives: Toronto 1997

From a letter dated May 20, 1997 from YCI’s Fundraising Coordinator to a potential sponsor:

“. . .Over 1,000 Challengers have participated in 21 field projects implemented to date in Guyana, Costa Rica and the Solomon Islands. Collectively they have: helped in pre and post-operative care on 1,170 sight-restoring operations with CANSEE International; built or repaired 70 schools and health centres in some of the most isolated communities of the world; built 100 kilometers of park trails in various projects in Costa Rica aimed at protecting the environment and helped identify at least 20 new species to science in collaboration with scientists from the Royal Ontario Museum.

Our annual 5k Run and 2k Pop and Tot Trot is the key fundraising event we put on every year to attract both attention, as well as funds to our organization. It is held every Father’s Day  (June 15th this year) in Wilket Creek Park in Toronto. There are cash prizes for the top timed male and female runner and prizes offered for the best times in each of the age categories. . .”


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