From the (Internet) Archives: 1996-2005

I loved this blog post that Evergreen wrote for the launch of their new website. And with the new YCI website in development, I couldn’t help but take a trip back in time, with a little help from the Wayback Machine. Here’s what I found:

I was surprised to discover that YCI was online as early as the mid-90s, when people would still refer to “surfing the world-wide web” and “sending electronic mail.” In 1996, volunteers visiting the YCI website had the option to learn more about YCI, “Go Behind the Scenes” or “Get Real!” (Another blast from the past: the site was optimized for Netscape.)

By 2000, volunteers had the option of applying for a leadership practicum, a community development project or a classroom project. Countries of operation included Guyana, Costa Rica and Vanuatu. The site represented the organization’s focus on providing leadership opportunities and development experience, but also adventure. Both international and Canadian volunteers were  able to apply to the program online.

Another screenshot from 2000.

In 2005, with the help of AKA New Media, the YCI website and branding underwent a major overhaul. Not only did we have a new logo, but all materials took on our now signature blue and green hues. With organic materials featured in the banner, an element of adventure was still present, but the site took on a development focus.

Even though we’d come a long way from inviting website visitors to “Get Real,” by 2010 it was time for a change, especially with the launch of our partner organization, Youth Challenge America. YCI is now active on social networking sites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter (and, of course, this blog)–incorporating these elements into our new site was an important aspect of the overhaul.

To check out the new site, please visit Be sure to let us know what you think!

-Jessica Lockhart, Program Coordinator


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