Q & A: Evelyn Arce, RJI Program Coordinator

YCI’s partner in Central America, RJI, have a team of program officers that are responsible for assisting volunteers in the field. One of these Program Coordinators is Evelyn Arce, who is in charge of programming, coordination, administration and logistics of the international volunteer program. Evelyn will be the program officer for the upcoming five-week project in Guatemala.

How did you get involved with YCI/RJI? I learned about RJI through the newspaper three years ago and I started working as a group leader.

Favourite part of your job: Sharing with all the people involved and seeing the impact that our jobs have on the communities, in the people and in the volunteers

What motivates you? My desire to help those in need and do my part with the creation of a fairer world

Most memorable YCI moment: After three years there is not one memorable moment–every project has had an impact on me.

Which youth issue most concerns you? The lack of support and opportunities for them to forge their own future

What gives you optimism? Seeing the advance in the development of the communities and the motivation in people makes me think that the change is possible. Also every project is gained experience that strengthens future plans.

What else do you do? I’m getting my masters degree in humanities. Recently I start studying photography and also I’m learning how to play the guitar.


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