Photo from the Field: Vanuatu, June 2010

Canadian volunteers in Port Vila during orientation, prior to heading to their project locations

Volunteers in Vanuatu are currently working in the communities of Marae, Moriu and Nofo, with volunteers from Youth Challenge Vanuatu and Youth Challenge Australia. Their six-week project began on June 24 and will wrap-up on August 5th.

While in Vanuatu, the volunteers are engaged in a range of infrastructure, vocational training, health and literacy projects. In Marae, which is located on Epi Island, they are supporting the development of the community’s knowledge of eco-tourism, through delivering basic business management, bookkeeping and customer service workshops, as well as assisting in the construction of a tourist bungalow. In Moriu, also located on Epi Island, volunteers are building a water tank, which will provide safe and clean water throughout the village. They are also providing gender equity and substance abuse workshops, using sports and edutainment as a means of engaging youth. Finally, in Nofo, located on Emae Island, volunteers are promoting the importance of literacy and education through the construction and promotion of a school library.


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