Q & A: Donald Taylor, East Africa Regional Program Manager

Donald Taylor has worked within the nonprofit sector since 1993 in the areas of health, human services, education and international development. In 2001, Donald’s first international experience began in Ukraine. From 2005 -2010, he worked with Habitat for Humanity International in Thailand and India, where he managed a program  that involved over 20,000 volunteers annually. Based out of Zanzibar, Donald joined the YCI team in May 2010 as the Regional Manager for programming locations in Tanzania and Kenya.

What does your job with YCI involve? My role is to manage and support staff at three project sites in Tanzania and Kenya. In addition, to develop and manage programs with a commitment to best practices in youth-focused programming.

How did you get involved with YCI? After working in Eastern Europe, India and Thailand, I decided that I wanted to work in Africa, especially working with youth. When the opportunity was presented, I jumped at the chance.

Most memorable YCI moment: I guess I would have to say that when I see the smiles on the faces of local youth. . .and knowing that we have provided something tangible that will last a lifetime.

Which youth issue most concerns you? The most important issue for me as it relates to youth is access to opportunities and YCI opens a door to these opportunities.

What gives you optimism? I would like to think that the world is changing, forging ahead in a new direction of equality, hope and new beginnings, and youth are up for the challenge.

What else do you do? I live 15 minutes from Stonetown, 10 minutes from a beach and five minutes from local shopping. So when I have some free time I go site seeing, food shopping or watch the sun set at the beach. I also have a few books that I am currently reading and enjoy a good cup of coffee.


5 thoughts on “Q & A: Donald Taylor, East Africa Regional Program Manager

  1. I just start working in the nonprofit sector and I find it really interesting. I do appreciate what you do Donald and I hope this africa experience will be renewed. Reading your report just give me another motivation to go further, since you have been doing this for many years.

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  4. I need to partner with u guys what can i do coz im doing avoluntary work with 300 orphan youths at the community level.Currently we are creating HIV/AIDS awareness in the three locatons around.I ll appreciate ur response thanx director.

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