Happy International Youth Day!

August 12th is International Youth Day but also marks the beginning of the International Year of Youth as declared by the United Nations General Assembly. The theme of this year’s International Youth Day is “Dialogue and Mutual Understanding”. The United Nations has created a Frame Work Approach that highlights three key objectives for the Year: increased commitment and investment in youth; increased youth participation and partnerships; and increased intercultural understanding among youth.

YCI believes in importance of engaging youth to help young people assume leadership roles within their communities. YCI collaborates with community leaders to create mentorship opportunities, assists with the formation and management of youth-led committees and identifies appropriate community forums for youth participation. Furthermore, our Youth Ambassador programs provide young people with the direct opportunity to increase intercultural understanding among youth as they work side by side on project.

Over the year you can expect to see more public awareness around the world about young people’s contributions to global issues and the challenges that youth face. The UN has suggested a number of channels to spread the message about what youth do in their communities, including public meetings and debates, youth forums, concerts, info points, exhibitions and social media.

How can you help YCI and the UN obtain key objectives over the next year?

Workshop during this year's 8-week winter project in Zanzibar


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