Happy First Anniversary to Youth Challenge America

On August 21st, Youth Challenge America celebrated its one-year anniversary of incorporation in the United States.

We are excited with our progress during the past year. We have had outstanding American candidates placed on project in Tanzania, Costa Rica and Ghana already and we have a scholarship candidate lined up to go to Guyana in the fall.

It’s been an incredible year and we’ve gone from finding office space and becoming a legal entity, to sending our first American volunteer overseas on project. We have negotiated paperwork, moved offices, developed a Board of Directors, reached out to Universities, attended numerous career fairs, become a member of the Building Bridges Coalition, conducted interviews, completed selections and so much more.

It’s been a wonderful (albeit exhausting) journey thus far and we’ve been proud of the feedback that we’ve received from volunteers coming off of project. YCA is looking forward to the Fall and reaching out to American Universities – this time with an alumni base to help us out!

We have big plans for our upcoming sophmore year: from expanding our University outreach to launching a social media strategy to creating a re-engagement strategy to actively recruiting Youth Leadership Teams. We are a small but growing organization that will build on the tradition of YCI.

Our growth in America, much like our work abroad, depends on connections and shared experiences. Anything you can do to help us find and engage new volunteers would be deeply appreciated. We need your help growing our base in America!

You can follow YCA on facebook and on twitter for the latest news about our American opportunities. We would love to hear your feedback at: generalinfo@ycamerica.org.


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