Development for the youth, with the youth and by the youth

How wonderful it feels to once again get my feet wet! Youth Challenge America (YCA) presented a good continuation point to experience that invaluable satisfaction of community development and leadership through global youth empowerment.

Coming from Cameroon and currently rounding up my graduate studies in International Development, I was elated when the opportunity came for me to intern with YCA. Youth development is a passion I have nurtured and advocated for over the years, and still continue to pursue ways in which I could contribute to this sector in a practical and meaningful manner.

Four weeks on the YCA platform and I am beginning to see and feel that change which occurs when young people are presented with the right resources and opportunity. My experience so far has been to; interact and talk with young Americans who are interested in volunteering for innovative projects in southern countries, researching on relevant resources for youth livelihoods, to assisting in designing a public engagement strategy in order to increase overall participation in YCA programs. Having gone through the path of being a youth volunteer at local level in my home country, it is now an interesting and new experience to prepare and collaborate with international volunteers who share the same drive as their grassroots counterparts. From my correspondences with these volunteers and familiarisation with field projects, I see a new generation of individuals who are anxious and ready to serve humanity regardless of boundaries (cultural, territorial, ethnicity and gender). An aspect which greatly inspires these young people is the ‘youth led community projects’ – a value which is unique to YCA.

My journey with the youth is on again, this time around with the emerging YCA; stay tuned for more updates…and remember to visit us on facebook and twitter at and

– Marjorie Mua is an intern at Youth Challenge America in New York City

Marjorie Mua YCA Intern



One thought on “Development for the youth, with the youth and by the youth

  1. Young people around the world have got enormous potential. All they need is little motivation and the necessary resources to make the world a better place to live in. I’m glad YCA is one of those organisations who invest in Young people, and with interns like Miss Mua who’s got experience in this field, the results will be more than satisfactory.

    GO YCA!

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