Happy International Volunteer Day!

December 5 is International Volunteer Day designated by the United Nations since 1985 to celebrate contributions made by volunteers in their communities. YCI is celebrating all the great work and support that our volunteers have offered in 2010 essential to YCI and our partners’ youth development initiatives around the world. A big thank you goes out to everyone on the list below for their active global citizenship as participants on YCI projects this past year:

Abigale Mckinnon, Aidan Denison, Ali Golfetto, Alison Macleod, Alison McQueen, Alyssa Byers-Heinlein, Alyssa Kelly, Amanda Best, Amy Grace Cocksedge, Andrew Bell, Angela Boyd, Angela Lum, Anna Perreira, Annik LeBlanc, Arbbesa Dedinca, Averham Bayon-on, B.J. Affleck, Ben Frisch, Bethia Brassard, Bingbing Feng, Brenda Nemall Barasa, Brigitte Corran, Carly Court, Caroline Marshall, Charlotte Hill, Cheyanne Smart, Cora Conway, Courtney Whitman Dishart, Craig Frayne, Dahlia Benedikt, Daniel Paperny, Devon Cressman, Devon Hamilton, Dianna Brooks, Dorothea Woisso, Ebboni Savory, Elizabeth Byrne, Ellie Shuo Jin, Emily Kent, Emily R Woods, Emily Thompson, Erin Kizell, Evan Trippel, Fawaz Suleiman, Fiona Brooks, Gabrielle Barnes, Gavin Reekie, Gillian Chiasson, Gregory Harrington, Heather Pedersen, Hilary Feltham, Holly King, Holly LaForge, Isabel Aldrich-Witt, Isabel Chender, Jane Schlosser, Janine Caird, Janine Holmes, Janna Wong, Jelena Zaric, Jenna Ferrey, Jenna Hubbert, Jennifer Berntson, Jennifer Elms, Jeremy Neeposh, Jessica Bradford, Jessica Danquah, Jessica Fernandez, Jessica McKay, Jessica Morrison, Jessica Senders, Jessica Veldhuijzen van Zanten, Jessica Wood, Jessica Yip, Jiahe (Amy) Li, Jillian Mac Mullin, Joelle Rodenburgh, Joelle Westlund, Josh Hooton, Kaleigh Lundy, Kara Mitchell, Kelly O’Connor, Kelsey Hilton, Kimberley Dyer, Lan Bui, Laura Broadley, Laura Mero, Lauren Schachter, Leanna Medina, Liesl Harewood, Lindsey Campbell, Lisa D’Alimonte, Luke Tougas, Maggie MacDonald, Marie-Pierre Poirier, Mark Kneteman, Matthew Paquette, Matthew Reimer, Meagan Windle, Megan Fitzgerald, Megan Julia Richards, Megan van der Lee, Meghan Greene, Melissa Walters, Michael Jew, Michael Mahoney, Michael O’Neill, Michael Vieira, Michael-Jane Levitan, Michele Toy, Milica Miljkovic, Miriam Schachter, Moira O’Neill, Morgan Moore, Nichol Johansen, Nicholas Chang, Nicole Prasad, Nicole Tajiri, Patricia Catton, Penny Deeth, Rachel Hartt, Rafaela Soriano, Rangana Karunanayake, Rebecca Acheson, Rebecca Berman, Rebecca Graham, Robin Campbell, Saima Shah, Sarah-Leanne Deslippe, Sayma Hai, Shanya Cordis, Shayan Edalati, Simone Carter, Simone Watson, Stacy-ann Robinson, Stephanie Bray, Steven Killeen-Fleischer, Tammy Lambert, Tracey Evans, Vanessa Berlinguette, William Bryant, Yasmin Alabed, Yu Meng Zhu

Thank you as well to all of the hard working and dedicated local volunteers and peer educators in our program countries not listed above and too numerous to mention.

A special thank you to Jessica Yip, Mark Kneteman, Alison McQueen, Joelle Westlund, Heather Pederson, Evan Trippel and Jeremy Neeposh – all YCI volunteers who have returned as alumni for a second project with YCI in 2010 or who have done two projects this past year.

And finally, a big shout out to all of the contributions made by our alumni and friends of YCI in their continued support of as alumni speakers, promotional representatives, volunteer action network members and office volunteers.

– Amanda Stephens, Volunteer Program Manager, YCI


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