Green Bean Love: Tasha Henderson blogs from Ghana

Tasha Henderson is currently volunteering on project with YCI as part of an 8-week project in Ghana. Tasha is working with a group of volunteers on employability skills training at the YMCA Vocational Training School in Takoradi. The team is also working on HIV/AIDS outreach and with an Environmental Youth Group. The volunteers have spent 3 weeks on project and are settled into life in Takoradi. Click on the link to check out Tasha’s impressions of life on project: Green Bean Love

“Every second Friday, the women at the YMCA Vocational School (along with the two male students) have PE for their first block of the day.  Madame Emilia, the principal, asked Nolan to lead it this week so we trucked over 3 soccer balls and played a totally chaotic game of 4-corners soccer.

These ladies mean business.  Sandals were flying, people were barefoot, balls were on the roof, girls were falling and I was in sheer terror.  If you know me, you know that I am not the sportiest, per se, and that athletic equipment flying through the air gives me the willies.  Multiply that by 3 (for the three soccer balls) and 50 Ghanaian women who took no prisoners and I crumbled into fetal position within 10 seconds

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