Ghana from an Insider Perspective: Angela Kwateng

This is actually my first time writing a blog believe it or not, I actually think that’s funny. I am so used to reading other people`s blogs, and now it’s my turn.  I guess I can  start by telling you  how many times I have been to Ghana-this is actually my fourth time. Most of my family members live in Accra, which is the city that I am most familiar with in Ghana. This is only my second time being in Takoradi. The first time I came  to Takoradi I just passed  by on the way to Cape Coast.

Angela, Tasha and Jean relaxing on the beach in Takoradi. Photo credit to Nolan!

Now that I am actually spending time here, I can say that I really like it.  Takoradi reminds me of a mini Mississauga, which is where I am from. The traffic is not overwhelming, like it normally is in Toronto Canada, so any time when the group and I have to get from one place to another, by taxi, we can easily get to where we need to in a breeze.

The people are very friendly to all of us, that is, to Tasha, Nolan, Jean, and me. I actually like it when Ghanaians come up to us , especially when they call the group o’bruni (literal translation: white)- and they refer that to Tasha, Nolan, and Jean.

When it comes to me, they actually haven`t called me o’bruni… yet. I have been approached by the local community, where I like to call  them my  brothers and sisters and I mean  that in a friendly way. I am actually happy when they speak the local language with me, which is either Fanti or Twi. These are the two main languages that are spoken in Takoradi. They speak English as well  and that makes it easier for us as a group to communicate with the  people.

I am very excited to be here, and I am really looking forward to building sustainable relationships with the students at the YMCA and also at the OIC-places where we conduct our workshops. The students at the YMCA are very helpful, and  I can tell that they are really anxious  to learn, what we are going to teach them. I really appreciate the way how the community, and the students have embraced us.

I actually had an interesting experience with one of the girls at the YMCA school. They made this delicious pie, it wasn’t apple pie, but I  forgot to ask the girls what it was. They just offered me and Jean, another volunteer, the  pie . They said something to us that made me laugh and it was in a such sincere way – the girls were encouraging us to eat so we can put on some weight. I thought that was funny. I am really looking forward to my time here in Takoradi with the group and with the students.

– Angela Kwateng, Youth Ambassador, Ghana 2011

Angela is currently volunteering with YCI on an 8-week project in Takoradi, Ghana.  Angela is working with a group of volunteers on employability skills training at the YMCA Vocational Training School in Takoradi. The team is also working on HIV/AIDS outreach and with an Environmental Youth Group.

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