Trevor in Tanzania: Week 4

Trevor Thame is currently half-way through his 8-week volunteer project with YCI in Zanzibar. Trevor is working with a team of 6 volunteers working on ESL, computer training, HIV/AIDS education and environment initiatives. Trevor’s blog provides insight into life on project in Zanzibar and gives a fantastic sense of both work and play in Tanzania. Check it out!

“Environmental programming has been comming along as well and Alysha and I have created a draft proposal for YCI to work with local partner organizations. We used composting as an example of how YCI volunteers would like to spread awareness and educate citizens on Zanzibar about environmental issues. We have researched the benefits of composting and have begun addressing many of the current issues surrounding waste management on the island. So many days here I find myself feeling a little off, and it is mostly because of the poor air quality. Plastics, papers, and anything that could burn gets burned here. There are days where the burning is really bad and Alysha and I are really eager to leave some programming behind that may begin to change the way in which people handle their garbage. Next Thursday, we will be visiting a few partner organizations to find out more specific environmental needs, and will determine the governments position of waste management on the island. It is really easy for me to tell people not to burn all their garbage, but it’s not about telling them what not to do, it is about providing plausable alternatives and at this point I certainly don’t have those answers. I do look forward to meeting the partners however, and hope to begin finding some of the answers that are desperately needed. I only have a month remaining so, for now, it’s more about leaving something behind for the next group of volunteers to take to the next level….

– Trevor Thame, YCI Youth Ambassador, Tanzania 2011

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Due to popular demand, YCI recently launched an additional 8-week project this summer in Tanzania. Click here for more information.


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