Preparing for Tanzania: Matt Leslie

Ever wonder what type of preparations a volunteer goes through before heading overseas on project?

Matt Leslie has been keeping a fantastic blog about his experiences preparing for his 6-week project in Tanzania this summer. From fundraising initiatives (50/50 draws, bake sales and more!) to packing lists to learning about the state of affairs in Tanzania, this incredibly informative blog is well worth reading. If you are thinking about volunteering with YCI, this is great source of information! We’re excited to follow Matt through his time on project!

Matt Leslie running a 50/50 draw for himself and team member Jessie Flear to raise funds for YCI

“Its scary to think that in less than 80 days I’ll be the furthest away from home that I’ve ever been!  It seems like absolutely no time has passed since I first thought of applying to this program, and now I am over halfway through my fundraising. While I’ve made some excellent progress, I still have  a TONNE of work to do to prepare myself (not to mention finish writing my thesis and eventually defending it!).

While procrastinating the other day, Jessie (another volunteer going on project with YCI to Tanzania) and I looked over the list of supplies we’ll need to bring.  There were a tonne of items on the list (malaria pills, headlamps, water, aspirin, mosquito nets to name a few).  Most of the items I had already thought of, but some of the clothing items gave us a bit of a wake up call.

If I asked you for some advice on what to pack, what would you suggest?

Probably suggest similar things to what I was thinking: T-shirts and shorts.  Our guidelines suggested a  little differently ….

-Matt Leslie, Preparing Youth Ambassador, Tanzania 2011

Click here to donate to Matt’s fundraising campaign.

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