Journal of International Experiences: call for submissions

Interested in writing about your international experience? The Journal of International Experiences (published by the U of T Volunteer Abroad Chapter) is looking for personal stories from YCI volunteers and interns about their time overseas. The journal will be published online and available in June. Deadline for submissions is coming up on May 10th, 2011.

Read below for Submission Guidelines!

Journal of International Experiences

Volunteer Abroad UofT Chapter

Here at U of T, there are countless resources aimed at educating students about global issues. These are all important and necessary. At Volunteer Abroad, we believe that learning about culture, society and life in developing nations is just as important.

We are hoping to compile a collection of stories from people who have had experiences working, volunteering or living in developing nations. Share an experience you had that is meaningful or inspirational to you. Share a funny story. Share a minute-by-minute rundown of your daily routine while abroad. Be creative.

We aren’t necessarily looking for facts, or a research essay. We want your own personal impressions and experiences of life in the developing world.

Why? Through these stories, we hope to provide some insight into how different — and how similar — life is outside this continent. We hope to add a new layer of perspective to the constant stream of news from around the world. And we hope to inspire student engagement and learning in globally-relevant issues and topics.


This journal is a collection of stories about international experiences; as such, no references or citations are required. Be creative in your storytelling. Be detailed in describing your experiences. Maximum 500 words.

We encourage you to be as creative as possible; however, please try to incorporate the following details into your story:

–  Where did you go?

–  ex. Ghana

–  What did you do?

–  ex. medical volunteer in urban and rural hospitals across the country

–  Describe one memorable experience during your time abroad.

–  ex. We visited an HIV/AIDS clinic and shelter and spoke to the women living there.

–  Describe one thing you learned from that experience.

–  ex. This was the first time I realized how community and societal structures which propagate HIV stigma can affect individual health.

 DEADLINE: May 10th, 2011

Send all submissions as a .doc or .pdf attachment to


NOTE: You may be asked to make edits or revisions to your submission, but most submissions are accepted for publication.


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