Just a Typical Day in Morogoro…

Note: a version of this blog was first posted on Jamie’s personal blog. 

So, a typical day for me varies from day-to-day during week, however I can describe what the typical day consists of (weekday that is!).

Wake up in the morning and get ready.  When we go for breakfast (called Chai here) there is usually some type of chapati/pudding/omelette-ish/porridge waiting for us on the table.  Zabi is running around getting Mwendy (our Homestay brother) ready for school and Mama Mwendy could be sleeping, cooking, cleaning, etc. After Chai we head into town!  It takes us about half an hour to get to Faraja.  On the way we may stop at the internet cafe to send some emails, but usually it is to print off handouts for one of our programs.  We spend the day flitting from program to program – planning here and there, grabbing lunch at Mona’s at some point, and running around.

The end of the day depends on the day – sometimes it is 4, sometimes 6, sometimes 5.  When we get home Zabi, Mama Mwendy, and Tabu are usually outback with the charcoal stoves starting dinner and chatting while Mwendy runs around like the little monkey he is.  Sometimes we chat for a bit then shower, other times we shower and then chat and help with dinner – whether it’s cutting up food, stirring, setting the table, or not being allowed to do anything.  Dinner preparation usually takes awhile, I’m not sure why, but we always end up eating somewhere around 8pm.

After dinner we try and hang out for a bit but sometimes we need to get some more planning for the next day done and retreat to our room – other times we go and pass out.  But sometimes we watch movies with everyone.  This could be cartoons (elephante is Ice Age for Mwendy, while donkey is Shrek 3), some other sort of North American film, or (the best!) Tanzanian movies.  These are the best because while they speak in Swahili they have english subtitles which are hilarious!  The translation is pretty bad sometimes and it makes them worth watching – they are kind of like soap operas back at home.

Overall we try to spend as much time with our family as possible when we are home because they are amazing!  Plus they want to spend time with us as well 😉

So, there you have it: a typical day.


– Jamie Hurrell, YCI Youth Ambassador, Tanzania 2011. Jamie is currently volunteering on an 8-week project in Morogoro, Tanzania. To read more about her time on project check out her blog: Jamie in Tanzania 

For more volunteer blogs, check out our Travel Diary category.


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