Update From Morogoro: Bonanza!

On June 10th, Faraja Trust Fund staff and Youth Challenge International members travelled to Kinole, a rural community about an hour from Morogoro Town. The Bonanza event was planned and prepared by many and its purpose was to educate and create awareness to the community regarding HIV/AIDS and Malaria. The event took place at Tandali Primary School, since school was cancelled that day for the students.

The event kicked off with a football game, and all the primary students along with some community members were present. As time went on, loud music played, and more and more community members, friends and family began to arrive. Introductions were made, and the purpose of the event was discussed. During and in between football games, there were information sessions on HIV/AIDS and Malaria, as well as dancing competitions and prizes given out. YCI volunteers did a presentation on Malaria, which included demonstrating the proper use of a mosquito net. During half time of football games and the netball game, YCI volunteers provided the team members with condom demonstrations and how and why to use condoms. The teams were very interested and it proved to be an important aspect of the day’s various activities. Community members were also provided an opportunity to receive condom demonstrations if they were interested, and this was also done by YCI volunteers. There were 3 football games and 1 netball game played in total, and the crowd grew larger as the excitement and thrill of the event went on. After the final games, more presentations were done by Faraja staff. An HIV education/awareness group of students called Zinduka and run by a Faraja member, shared with the audience metaphorical games to represent HIV in humans; as well they sang multiple songs about HIV/AIDS and Malaria. The Drama Club did skits on Malaria to depict and supply a strong message to the audience.

Throughout this event, the Mama’s from Faraja Trust Fund also provided community members an opportunity to get tested for HIV in a separate testing area. A total of approximately 110 adults were tested, which is a remarkable and noteworthy amount.

At the end of the day, prizes and awards were given out to the final winners of the sports games, as well as to community members who participated in dancing or other topic-related competitions. Prizes included mosquito nets, condoms and sports related items (example: team jerseys for the first placed teams). Thank-you’s and a debriefing session were made as the event came to a close.

Overall, despite a late start, the event was a great success and provided approximately 1000 students, community members, friends and family with the knowledge and awareness surrounding HIV/AIDS and Malaria.

Faraja staff member Norbert, drama club members and YCI volunteer dancing to music as audience gathers around.

Football team members are being educated on the proper use of condoms through a demonstration

YCI staff were thanked by the MC’s and audience and then were asked to dance in front of the crowd

– T11-8B (Anthony Gatti, Jamie Hurrell, Devon Malcolm & Jennifer Wagenknecht), Youth Ambassadors, Tanzania 2011


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