Q & A with Fred Dadzie

Fred has been working as a staff member at YCI in Ghana for over a year and a half. Fred has quickly progressed from Project Officer to Program Manager and is a main stay at the YCI-Ghana Office. Fred works closely with YCI’s volunteers in Ghana and makes sure that YCI’s programs are organized and well-set up in Takoradi and Koforidua. He is often on the road spending time with volunteers on project or working with our local partner organizations to map-out projects. Fred will make you laugh, bolster your confidence, help coordinate logistics  and of course, make sure you are well familiar with Hiplife music by the end of project!

What does your job with YCI involve?
As a Program Manager, I manage the Ghana program and also work to enhance the capacity of YCI partners. I also develop in-country projects with partners and create job descriptions and community descriptions for volunteers. Whiles supporting the Country Manager in developing work plans and manage in-country volunteers.

How did you get involved with YCI?
I have always had the passion to work with marginalized populations children, youth and women. Whiles working with a local NGO which was dedicated to fighting child trafficking and also working part-time for an American volunteer organization, I saw on idealist.org the Project Officer Job posting from YCI. I took the opportunity to read more about YCI and finally decided to apply.

What’s your inspiration?
My passion to become a leader and a role model for young people to realize it doesn’t matter where you come from but what matters most if your determination to succeed.

Most memorable YCI moment:
I never realized how difficult it was to answer most moment questions until now. Well out of the lot I think when I had to sit on a panel with VSO and CUSO during a CIDA partners meeting to talk on “the impact of Canadian Volunteers”. I got a lot of positive feedback and also made me appreciate the work I do as well as that of my awesome volunteers.

What motivates you?
Where I come from, the challenges I have been through in life and my quest to make a difference

Which youth issue most concerns you?
Coming from a developing country there are several issues that concern me including unemployment, access to education/information, etc.

What gives you optimism?
This quote from an unknown source gives me optimism, “The best way to find yourself is to loose yourself in the service of others”

What else do you do?
I’m a workaholic who finds other ways of improving my everyday work and other creative ways of doing the same thing so as not to be bored. Aside that I love to dance, listen to music, and organize events. I also volunteer to support other local organizations, more so individuals especially non-Ghanaians in volunteering in Ghana especially my hometown (Winneba).


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