YCI Launches the Youth Discovery Program

Big News! YCI is pleased to announce the launch of a new shorter-term volunteer program (one to four weeks in length) in Costa Rica this winter with our local partner Reto Juvenil Internacional (RJI).

YCI has a long history of working in partnership with RJI in Costa Rica; it’s been more than 17 years that YCI has been sending young people to volunteer on project with RJI and we’ve sent more than 1,300 volunteers on project since ’98 alone!

Over the past few years, we have been getting more and more requests from volunteers who have identified shorter-term options as their top choice for project length. At the same time, our local partner, RJI, also agreed that our volunteers could continue to make a meaningful impact in Costa Rican communities with shorter-term options. So we looked into it and concurred; it was time to expand our model.

After discussion and consultation with RJI staff, YCI staff, Board members, and alumni, we created the Youth Discovery Program, a shorter-term one to four week program with a focus on environmental, ecotourism and community based infrastructure projects in Costa Rica.

As a volunteer in the Youth Discovery Program, you could be working to:

–       Protect and Improve National Parks

–       Contribute to Environmental Conservation

–       Develop and Implement Ecotourism Programs

–       Conduct Environmental Research and Education

–       Participate in Community Based Infrastructure Projects

If you’ve always wanted to volunteer but never had the time, this is a great option. If you’ve been unable to take leave from work to volunteer on an eight-week project but can take two weeks during the winter, the Youth Discovery Program is for you! If you are a student looking for an Alternative Spring Break, the projects this February and March coincide conveniently with Canadian and American Spring Breaks.

The Youth Discovery Program will be launching this Winter with five projects:

February  11th to 19th 

February 11th to 26th

February 18th to 26th

March 3rd to March 18th

March 10th to March 18th

And for those who are interested in the longer-term options, fear not! The Youth Ambassador Program will continue to offer 5-12 week options in Guyana, Guatemala, Ghana and Tanzania.

Applications are open! 


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