Photo from the Field: Ghana

Last Friday, YCI was pleased to host Megan Cain, the new Volunteer Cooperation Program (VCP) director, for a day in Ghana. Megan was visiting the VCP field locations to check in on programs and to learn more about what YCI and other Volunteer Cooperation Agencies are doing on the ground. We started the day with meetings in the Accra office to give a broad introduction to YCI and followed up with a site visit to Koforidua where Megan met with our volunteers and local mentors to discuss current programming such as the upcoming Sexual Reproductive Health workshop, the Malaria Campaign and Global Hand Washing day on October 15th. We had a great time traveling to Koforidua with Megan showing her the sites along the way, including the house that belongs to the wife of Bob Marley. As well, we all had a wonderful group lunch with a variety of Ghanaian dishes, including jollof rice with chicken sauce which we are sure Megan enjoyed!

Megan, YCI volunteers, YMCA mentors and YCI staff in Koforidua


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