Alumni: Submit your project photos to be featured on International Volunteer Day!

YCI is currently seeking photo entries from our alumni to be showcased at an event on December 3rd to celebrate the 10th anniversary of International Volunteer Day. We are holding this event in Toronto in collaboration with Canadian Crossroads International (CCI), Canadian Executive Services Overseas (CESO) and CUSO-VSO.

There will be eight photos selected from each organization. They will be selected by a photo committee comprised of returned volunteers. If you are in Toronto and interested in being involved in this committee, please contact Anice Wong at as soon as possible.

For those of you interested in submitting a photograph, we are looking for the following:
– a photograph that demonstrates the impact of YCI’s programming
– photo must be high resolution in order to be blown up and printed therefore it must be at least 300 dpi, a FINE or RAW image, and at least 1 or 1.5 megabites (please find attached a document on how to upload large photos on the web)
– a short description (max 150 words) of the photograph
– please include when possible  the full names of anyone featured in your photograph

We ask that all photos comply with the Canadian Council for International Cooperation’s  (CCIC) Code of Ethics.

S6.4 The Organization shall ensure that images and text included in all communications to the public:

a) respect the dignity and rights of the individuals portrayed and their way of life;

b) are accurate, balanced, truthful and representative of reality and do not generalize and mask the diversity of situations;

c) portray local communities as active agents in their own development process and do not fuel prejudice or foster a sense of Northern superiority; and

d) encourage a sense of interconnectedness and interdependence between the Canadian public
and the people shown in the image or discussed in the text

Since you will be transferring a large document online, we recommend that you consult CCI’s Photo Upload Instructions attached below. There are different methods for uploading your photographs so please choose the method most appropriate for you and then send any necessary access links to Anice Wong at

The deadline for submissions is Friday November 4th

Thank you for your participation! We look forward to seeing your photos.


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