International Day for Tolerance

On November 16th 2011 the world is celebrating International Day for Tolerance. As a part of YCI-Tanzania’s Emerging Leaders program, this day has been chosen to highlight their personal leadership skills as they are to organize this event. The Emerging Leaders program provides youth in Zanzibar with the professional life skills they need in order to seek and gain employment as well as providing them with increased self-confidence so that they may become leaders in their communities and organizations.

As part of the program, for their final project, the Emerging Leaders were required to organize and lead an event by themselves with minimal guidance from the facilitator. The group chose the venue of a local partner NGO called UMATI and developed a program for International Day of Tolerance. They decided to put together a PowerPoint Presentation to show off their newly acquired computer skills as well as to teach the audience about the definitions and aspects of tolerance.

To go along with this they decided to illustrate their point through a drama. Many people in the class have experience with creating dramas for educational purposes. This drama touched on HIV/AIDs, sexual violence and drug abuse  – describing the dangers of all but also the need for acceptance of victims. Following this presentation, members of the group got some snacks ready, even baking a cake themselves!

To finish off the day, they split up into small groups to discuss how to take the messages and spread them throughout their communities. Some comments that arose from this discussion were very encouraging, with one participant saying how she was very thankful for learning about this day, as she has a disability and is very happy to know we are spreading a message of acceptance and peace in her community. Saying this in front of a group of peers really brought home the message of the day, and I am proud to share their hard work with YCI.  Today went extremely well and we’ve sent along a few photos to share with everyone!

The complete Emerging Leaders group wearing our International Tolerance Day t-shirts

Emerging Leaders Drama Skit

Discussion about what tolerance means and how to inspire tolerance in communities

– Adriana Koolman, YCI Youth Ambassador, and the Emerging Leaders Team

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