Help YCI Go the Extra Mile with Aeroplan!

Youth Challenge International (YCI) has recently been accepted into the Aeroplan Charitable Pooling Program, wherein YCI can actively solicit Aeroplan Mile donations for a one-month period each calendar year. Help YCI go the extra mile! Given YCI’s commitment to achieving meaningful development results, YCI will launch our first ever Aeroplan Mile Recruitment Drive as part of the Charitable Pooling Program to correspond with International Development Week, which commences on February 6th. YCI will solicit Aeroplan donations from February 6th to March 4th, 2012.

Youth Challenge International has a long tradition of promoting youth innovation to drive positive change. Building on over 20 years of experience, YCI programs are designed to meet the needs of youth affected by poverty through four integrated sectors: livelihoods, health, leadership and the environment.

YCI’s dedicated youth volunteers implement substantive youth development programs in coordination with local youth and partner organizations in Ghana, Tanzania, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Guyana. More than 31,000 hours were contributed by volunteers to global development programs last year and more than 10,000 young people directly benefited from YCI programs.

Why Donate? 

  • You feel like spreading some goodwill
  • You want to use your Aeroplan Miles to fund meaningful travel to support youth development projects
  • You want to help youth
  • You believe that young people have a meaning contribution to make to international development

What are you going to do with my Miles?

Donated Aeroplan Miles will be used for staff travel to partner locations in order to implement ongoing monitoring and evaluation activities. YCI will also use Aeroplan Miles to enable outstanding young volunteers to travel overseas to donate their time to help build communities and leaders through global youth development.

Click HERE to get your Charitable Pooling Pledge Form now! 


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