Steve and Bryan Take GH and TZ!

Bryan Cox, the Executive Director of YCI, and Stephen Brown, our Board Chair and President, traveled to our projects in Ghana and Tanzania this past fall. It was Steve’s first trip to our Africa projects and it left a lasting impression.We wanted to share some of the photos and give you some numbers Steve collected from their trip.

Bryan and Steve on a field visit to the Bamba Community in Morogoro region with community leaders, Larissa (YCI Intern) and Cheryl Turner (our Tanzania Country Manager)

Total distance travelled: By air – 29,370 km, Car – 1,311 km, Ferry – 71 km à For a grand total of 30,752 km in two weeks. (That’s a lot boys!)

Number of YCI’ers we met:  Volunteers – 16, Interns – 5, Staff – 9

Number of local partner organizations we met with: 13

Number of local youth leaders/peer educators we met with: 20

Number of workshops attended: 8

Bryan, Fred, Steve and Naana in our Ghana office.

Average daily temp: 30 (What the temp felt like on average: 40+)

Number of attempted police shakedowns while we were traveling by car: 5, number of successful police shakedowns: 0


Bryan, Steve and Cheryl meeting with the Executive Committee of ZIFYA. ZIFYA is a Youth Economic Development Organization based in Zanzibar.

Overall a pretty good trip!


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