Gender Equality Policy Development and Workshop With YES Ghana

As YCI Gender Innovators, Jenilee and I developed a Gender Equality Policy and Implementation Strategy for YES-Ghana over the past six weeks. As Jenilee described in her earlier blog post, we had an incredible experience meeting with youth advocates who are participants in YES-Ghana’s program on Youth and Good Oil Governance. In our discussions with them, we learned about various gender-related issues that arose during past program activities as well as the challenges they face addressing gender issues in their work as youth advocates.

Meredith with the Youth Advocates in Axim.

The feedback from our consultations with the youth advocates and YES-Ghana staff provided us with insight important to the development of the Gender Equality Policy. We used the input from the youth to shape the priorities of the policy and the strategies for the policy’s implementation.

During the last week of our placement at YES-Ghana, Jenilee and I developed a Gender Equality Policy Launch and Training Workshop for YES-Ghana staff that we facilitated on March 8th, coinciding with International Women’s Day and also our last day of work at YES-Ghana. The goal of the workshop was to equip staff with the tools they need to apply gender analysis and mainstreaming at YES-Ghana for the realization of their new Gender Equality Policy. 

Rhoda, Henrik, Fred, and Jenilee at the YES-Ghana Staff Gender Training

After reviewing some gender-related concepts and terms, Jenilee and I discussed how to apply gender analysis to the programmes at YES as well as how to mainstream gender in all of YES-Ghana’s work. At the end of the workshop, participants broke up into two groups and applied a gender perspective to components of YES-Ghana’s new “Voices of Youth” project. This current year-long project is centered around increasing youth participation in policy-making. One group discussed the project’s activity of creating a Youth Manifesto, a collection of youth policy proposals, and the other group discussed the project’s activity of training youth on community radio production, so that youth can reach out to their peers to collect input for the Youth Manifesto. Workshop participants quickly ran a gender analysis of each activity and discussed various gendered aspects, such as barriers and obstacles that could discourage young women’s participation in both activities.

Emelia, Katharina, and Enock at the YES-Ghana Staff Gender Training.

Discussing ways to incorporate gender into YES-Ghana’s future activities at the workshop was such a positive end to our work at YES-Ghana, as Jenilee and myself could see how the policy we developed will fit not only institutionally at YES-Ghana but also with the practical work they carry out on a day-to-day basis.

Jenilee and Meredith in front of the YES Ghana office in East Legon.

– Meredith Evans, Youth Innovator, Ghana 2012

YCI is currently recruiting for an Innovator to work with YES Ghana starting in May. The deadline to apply is March 23rd. Click HERE for the complete posting. 


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