Alumni Update: Welcome to the Office Adriana!

YCI would like to introduce you to our newest person in Toronto, Adriana Koolman. Adriana has just completed her first full week as the Program Assistant Intern in the office. This post also serves as an Alumni Update, as she is an alumni from our Tanzania project!

Adriana was this excited to join the YCI team!

This is my first full week as the new YCI intern, and it has been going great! On my first few days here the office was quite the flurry of action, with new IYIP interns training for pre- departure. I got to sit in and learn all about the history of YCI, including our past and present projects. One of these past projects was how I became introduced to YCI. Just this past year, I was a Youth Ambassador in Zanzibar, Tanzania for eight weeks. I was originally interested in this project because I have a degree in International Development and Political Science from Dalhousie University and was looking for some practical work experience. This project taught me a lot about how just different the classroom can be from the field and reconfirmed for me a passion to work in development. After returning I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to apply to the Program Assistant Internship, which I hope will allow me to find out even more about all of the facets of development.

The position here seems to include getting to sample each of the full time positions, which will give me a great behind the scenes look. I am also excited to get to know all of the staff here, as they have proven very interesting already and I’m only one week in!

In my time off you can find me enjoying a good book, tv show, or outside with my dog!


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