KFROGS Day for Global Change

Kaileigh French had a passion for helping others and had plans to volunteer on an 8-week project in Guyana with Youth Challenge International (YCI). Shortly, after she began fundraising for her mission, she was diagnosed with cancer and had to postpone mission. Kaileigh lost her battle in June 2007. The Kaileigh French Reaching Out Globally Society (KFROGS) group was formed in memory of Kaileigh in August of 2007.

KFROGS’ vision is to see more young Nova Scotians volunteering and learning in countries around the world. Their mission is to host an annual community event to raise funds to help sponsor young people in Nova Scotia who dream of reaching out globally, and helping others by volunteering on a mission. Each year recipients from Nova Scotia who have applied with a registered, recognized organization for a volunteer mission and have been accepted, may apply for the “Kaileigh’s Kindred Spirit Award”, which is an ongoing financial award.

Past participants in the KFROGS Day for Global Change!

On June 10th, 2012, I will take part in the annual KFROGS Day for Global Change Event. One of the highlights of this event is the 5 & 10k Legacy Run, where I will take on the 5k. I have paid my registration fee and have been collecting pledges to help raise funds for the Kaileigh’s Kindred Spirit Award, as all participants are encouraged to do. All proceeds from this event go directly to local youth on a volunteer mission.

In September 2011, I embarked on a 3-month journey to Ghana with YCI to acquire field placement experience for my graduate studies in International Project Management. While I was in Ghana I worked closely with the YMCA Vocational Institute and Youth Empowerment Synergy building capacity within the two organizations, and organizing and implementing education campaigns and events. Traveling across the globe to help others and lend a hand was always a dream of mine, and with the support of KFROG I was able to make that dream a reality.

To learn more about KFROGS, their events and initiatives, and whether you are eligible for KFROG funding, check out their www.kfrogs.ca

-Melissa Spencer, Youth Ambassador, Ghana 2011, Recipient of funding from KFROGS. 

If you would like to support KFROGS and their efforts to provide young Nova Scotians the opportunity to volunteer overseas, click HERE to donate!


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