This is Our 300th Blog Post!

It seems like only 299 posts ago we started this blog, and now look at us, posting for the 300th time. While sitting around the office wondering how to commemorate this moment, we came up with many possibilities. How does one celebrate 300? It is not really a Diamond Jubilee or a Ruby Anniversary. We considered a top 300 list, but that seemed a little long. We also considered renting the movie 300 and having an office viewing party; but since we started this blog, Blockbuster has gone out of business. We decided instead to use this opportunity to look back and remind ourselves of truly great moments in YCI Blog history.

Our First Blog Post

Our first post went up on June, 21st of 2007. Back then we truly believed less is more. Click HERE to see our very first, very profound blog post. (You could also still be the first person to like that post!) Since then we have grown substantially in readership and contributors (over 200!). In 2007, only 342 people visited our blog. In the first 5 months of this year we have had almost 20,000 viewers.

Brushes With Royalty

Our volunteers have had two occasions to meet royalty (or their representatives in Canada) that we have featured on this blog. One of our volunteers, Stephanie Bray attended the Celebration of Youth and the Spirit of Volunteerism along with Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. Click HERE for her blog post about the event. Danny Richmond also had the chance to meet the Governor General. This one we caught on video:

Our Blogs With The Most…

Over time on a blog you can collect some really important statistics and if not really important, at least stats you can share. So here goes.

Most Views in a Month: April 2012

Most Talked About Blog: Culture Shock by David Caughey

Most Prolific Blogger: Lisa D’Alimonte. Lisa has contributed to or written 7 blogs for us while participating in 3 different YCI programs. Click HERE to see her in action.

Most Common Tag Word to Find Our Blog: Africa, followed closely by Tanzania

Most Views By Country: Canada and the United States, but a couple interesting countries on our top ten list are India and the Netherlands. In case we have not said it already already, thank you for your support and keep reading!

Most Viewed Single Post: Nolan’s Blog: Ghana by Nolan Boehm

Best Photo On Our Blog

The best photo on our blog was voted on by an esteemed committee of office staff. Though THIS photo got a few votes (ok maybe just one), we decided to showcase a historical photo. Check out this gem taken in 1990 and featured on this blog on May 26th, 2010.

Guyanese and Canadian volunteers (or “Challengers,” as they were known in 1990) pose in front of Kawall Primary School, in Region 3 of Guyana. The renovation project was completed in September of 1990 by Youth Challenge International volunteers.

And Last But Certainly Not Least

We want to thank everyone who reads our blog regularly, as well as those who just pop by from time to time to see what’s new. Our blog has been a great way to share YCI stories and successes. Over the coming year, we will bring you more updates on volunteers, alumni, beneficiaries, partners and champions of YCI. We hope you all continue to read, post after post, for the next 300 entries!

To end off this commemorative blog post, we wanted to share with you a photo we have tried to find a reason to share for 299 posts. We leave you with this. Happy 300th!

Our Executive Director, Bryan Cox. A dashing young lad, clearly destined for greatness.

-We have had a great time over the past 300 blogs. Tell us, what was your favourite blog post!


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