Update: KFROGS Day For Global Change

Completing the KFROGS Legacy Run. Woohoo!

This past weekend on June 10th, KFROGS held their annual Day for Global Change. The goal of the annual community event is to raise funds to help sponsor young people in Nova Scotia, wishing to follow Kaleigh French‘s dream of reaching out globally, and helping others by volunteering on an overseas project. The “Kaleigh’s Kindred Spirit Award” will be an ongoing financial award presented by the KFROG group. The recipients are youth volunteers registered with a recognized organization, such as YCI.

Melissa Spencer, a past YCI volunteer, was a recipient of this award for her project in Ghana. Melissa took on the 5k KFROGS Legacy run during the day, representing both YCI and KFROGS. She came in 20th place for the 5K and ran that whole thing, which was her goal !!

Melissa, our superstar alumni, finished 20th.

Overall there were close to 100 participants. Despite a wet and cold start to the day, it cleared up and the event was a huge success.

A great turn out for a great cause!

Should you wish to learn about KFROGS, check out their website www.kfrogs.ca.


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