Support Ironman Stephen Brown and YCI!

Stephen Brown during the run portion of the 2010 Lakeside Triathlon, one of the ten in which he has competed.

Stephen Brown, a YCI Board Member since 2005 and our current Board Chair and President, is doing the Ironman in Germany… and he will be  supporting YCI while doing it! The July 8th race in Roth, Germany will Stephen’s first full Ironman. The race is steeped in Ironman history and attracts 150,000 spectators. While he gets ready for the big event, he will be raising funds for YCI through his online donation page.

Steve started training about 4 years ago on a stationary bike to rehab an injury. Now 10 triathlons later he is on his way to Germany for a full Ironman!

When he tore his Achilles tendon 4 years ago, Stephen started rehab on a stationary bike as part of his physiotherapy, moving quickly to a mountain and then a road bike. After watching his wife compete as part of a team in a triathlon event, he decided to try it. At that point his biggest problem was that he could not swim anywhere near the distance required. After training in the pool to build the stamina to swim a few kilometres, Stephen survived the chaotic swim starts to complete 10 triathlons.

It is not always the distance of the swim that, will get you; the chaos at the start of a triathlon swim is a challenge in itself.

After completing an excruciating half Ironman in five and half hours, Steve decide if he was going to do it again he would have to get serious. Last summer he signed up with a triathlon coach and has been working hard in preparation for his first full Ironman. Stephen hopes to complete the 3.8km swim, 180km bike ride and 42.2 km run in about 11 hours. His family will be in Germany to support him, but you can show your support by helping him raise money for YCI.

To donate to YCI in support of Stephen, visit his donation page: Stephen Brown’s Ironman 2012 . To find out more about the Ironman event in Roth, Germany, click HERE.


28 thoughts on “Support Ironman Stephen Brown and YCI!

  1. Just passed the peak of the training this past weekend with a bike ride of 180 km on Saturday and a 32 km run on Sunday. My kids helped by preparing ice baths both days that provided an excruciating 10 minutes of torture but my legs feel fine a couple of days later.

  2. Early morning here in Calgary and heading out for a 1 hour training run. The main set is 10 times 400m at a quick pace. Shouldn’t be too bad, it is a beautiful morning here.

  3. Great job Steve! you worked hard for this – all the best and stay safe. Can’t imagine how tough it will be . Great cause.

  4. Hey Steve
    All the best, Judy and I are sure you will beat both best time and fundraiser goals
    Regards Judy and Wayne Reid

  5. In late last night from Calgary, got to spend an extra hour on the ground at Pearson due to thunderstorms backing up access to the gates so we could not deplane. Anyway, up early this morning for a quick 10 km run and now in the office downtown for the day.

  6. Heading to the pool this morning to work on my form. My swimming is the weakest of the three events. I had been working with a swim coach who helped a lot but I have lost it somewhat since I stopped working with her. She is going to help me this morning to get it back which will be good. I still have some time to get my stroke sorted out.

  7. Finished my preparations ahead of tomorrow’s half Ironman race in Wellend where I am doing the 2 km swim and 90 km bike ride. Leaving out the half marathon run though on the advice of my coach. It is too close to the full Ironman to do all three. Should be fun.

  8. The Welland race went very well yesterday. Ideal conditions and a nice flat course for the bike. I was right in the middle of 500 swimmers thrashing through the 2 km swim. I normally hate that but yesterday it did not bother me and I felt relatively relaxed throughout. I beat my time from last year by over 4 minutes on the swim. The bike portion went very well too. I averaged 34.5 km/hr for 90 km which was quite good for me. I won’t be going that fast in the Ironman race given the 180 km distance and the full marathon to endure after the bike ride.

  9. I see you have been working on form. I have seen you in fine form, Mister! And you will again be in fine form once you raise a glass of cold beer when you finish the race! Slainte!

  10. Feeling pretty tired which my coach warned me about. Lots of training catching up, the half Ironman race on Sunday plus some anxiety building around the race. He called this “hell week” which i’m not experiencing but I wouldn’t describe it as just any normal week either

  11. ok made it through “hell week” (barely) and now thinking about the final prep and packing. Getting a bike box tomorrow and planning to pack my gear before heading to the airport on Sunday. Going to fit in a final swim practice Saturday morning as well.

    Thanks for all the well wishes and encouragement, I appreciate that.

  12. Well I made it over to Germany and today begins the final preparations leading to race day. I reassembled my bike last evening and this morning a group of us are heading for an outdoor swim. I am here with a group from Multisport Canada which is the Ontario triathlon series that I participate in. My coach Richard Pady is here too and taking care of this group. There will be 12 of us racing in the Roth event. Rich’s buddy Dirk Huyer is also here supporting the team. Great group of people and a fun way to experience this.

  13. Started the day here in Germany with a swim at a very nice outdoor 50 m pool. Had a great breakfast at our hotel and then did a bike ride on a portion of the course leading out of village of Hipolstein where we are currently staying. The course was super fast so we are hoping for good weather and wind conditions. I learned that both the men’s and women’s world record ironman times were set here at Roth last year so clearly it is a fast course with great conditions.

    In the afternoon we drove a loop around the bike course which was great to see so it won’t be a complete surprise riding it on Sunday. My bike is riding well after the trip and the disassembly and reassembly. So far so good.

  14. Just over 4 days to go! Sounds like the stars are aligning for a great first Ironman with a good course and a solid team. Crossing my fingers that the weather turns out for you on the 8th! Also, congrats on the Welland race – quite a good clip you pulled on that bike!

  15. For those interested you can follow me on race day through the Challenge Roth website. My bib number is 1699. At a minimum my split and finishing times will be there but yesterday I heard that there may also be real-time tracking using the chips we wear during the race.

  16. The tracking is a fact as are live web-cams. You can access both through here:

    I am now down to the last few hours before the race. My bike is already in teh first transition area, I have practiced swimming in the canal and the weather looks like it should be ok. Breakfast at 4:30 tomorrow and then I start the swim at 7:15 local time (1:15 am in Toronto).

    I feel more relaxed right now than I expected would be the case. Coming with a group that includes experienced ironman racers and having my coach and his trusty side-kick make it super easy in terms of logistics and timing. That has helped a lot. I had a great sleep last night so even if I toss and turn a bit tonight it should still be ok.

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