Explore, Dream, Discover.

Verge Magazine, North America’s premier magazine for exploring opportunities to study, work and volunteer abroad, has started a new section on their website for Blogs From the Field. Readers can find out what it’s really like to live abroad – from people who are doing it. Youth Challenge International volunteers are some of those voices. Below is a short excerpt from Andrew O’Dea’s blog, as he prepares for an 8-week project in Guyana:  

When I describe my plans for the summer to people here, they all approach the topic the same way, “Wow! Really? That’s so interesting! Aren’t you anxious?” The world is definitely a big and scary place, although it has never given me reason to be anxious. Of course, the proper precautions need to be addressed, but it is not in my nature to sweat the small stuff. I see this as a rare and special opportunity, and am going into it with little expectations because I know that I’ll come out of it with more than enough knowledge, appreciation, humility and many other things that are not store-bought.

For this reason, I acknowledge Twain’s words. This project is sure to be no walk in the park, but I am eager to see what twists and turns lie ahead. By keeping this little mantra in mind, the limits of this experience are boundless.

To read Andrew’s complete blog on Verge click HERE . For the other YCI contributors to Verge (such as our CIDA intern, Camaro West), click HERE.

Thanks Verge Magazine for sharing our volunteers’ experiences. 


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