Things Missed

My time spent here in Zanzibar has been amazing so far and I have thoroughly been enjoying it! However, sometimes I will catch myself thinking about the things I miss from home. Though I miss them, I remind myself that my time here will soon be ending and I will return home and start missing things from Zanzibar. So I decided to let you in on my “Things Missed”

Christi in Zanzibar.

Things I miss from home:

I miss my shower. Here I shower with a bucket and water from a tap, but I have gotten used to it.

I miss my own bed and not having to sleep under a mosquito net.

I miss some of my guilty pleasure foods from home, like a good old grilled cheese or a burger.

I miss time alone to myself. I am always around someone, and though I enjoy the company of everyone here, it’s always nice to be able to have some time alone.

Lastly I miss my family and my friends.

The beach in Zanzibar.

Things I’ll miss from Zanzibar:

I’ll miss the food here, though I miss some of my food from home, the food here has been amazing and there are so many choices. I especially love the fruit, it’s always so fresh!

I’ll miss how nice everyone is, people are always friendly and welcoming.

I’ll miss all the amazing scenery and the architecture in stone town. It truly is a beautiful place to be.

I’ll miss all of our usual hangout spots in stone town that have become our homes and comfort spots to get away when we need to.

I’ll miss all the wonderful people I have met here and have become friends with.

I’ll miss my host family, who have truly become my second family and treated me like I was their own.

Lastly I’ll miss my fellow volunteers who I have become very close to over my time here in Zanzibar. I learn from them everyday, they are helpful and they have been my biggest support when I needed it.

These are my “Things Missed”

-Christi Graham, Youth Ambassador, Tanzania 2012

Cristi is almost finished her placement in Tanzania. If you are looking for a project in Tanzania this summer, check out this newly added sexual reproductive health focussed project departing August 28th


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