IYIP Blog: Nicaragua in 10 Pictures

Clare Esler, YCI’s CIDA IYIP in Nicaragua has been working with ANIDES since March. She has been taking lots of pictures and for this blog entry is sharing 10 of her favourite photos from work and play in Nicaragua. Enjoy!

Facilitating a watershed workshop with 6th and 7th graders in the watershed community.

Observing one of ANIDES’s gender workshops for the first time.

Presentation and workshop on watersheds with youth promoters.

Receiving 4 cats to take care of for 1 month in my tiny apartment!

Not all work and no play, here I am swimming through Somoto Canyon with some friends in North Nicaragua.

Visiting Pueblo Viejo and mountainous rural Nicaragua for the first time.

Working in green mountains!!!

Visiting and speaking with one of the youth who will participate in our (ANIDES) 5 year program. This is his cabbage crop.

Visiting a women’s indigenous weaving cooperative in a peaceful mountain community.

Enjoying a Matagalpa Sunset from my back step.

-Clare Esler, Environment Project Officer, CIDA International Youth Internship Program, Nicaragua 2012

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