YCI is Hitting the Road! Our Fall Tour has Started

September means back to school and that it’s time for YCI to start trekking across Canada visiting students, alumni, youth groups and everything in between. (It also means, as discovered upon arrival yesterday, the tail end of hurricane season in Nova Scotia, but that is another story!)

Just like last year, we are visiting schools across the country to spread the word about our international programs, bring you updates from the field and to launch some new opportunities. Though we cannot make it everywhere (though we would like to), we are covering as much ground as we can. If you are in the area for any of these events, stop by and say hello! Should you not be able to attend, follow us on twitter for daily updates (@youthchallenge). We will be using the hashtag #ontheroad, so feel free to send us a shout out.

Halifax & Around

September 10th, Antigonish, St. FX, Volunteer and Society’s Night

September 11th, Halifax, NSCAD, Information Booth

September 12th, Halifax, King’s College, Information Booth

September 13th, Halifax, Dalhousie University, Volunteer Fair


September 30th, Montreal, Palais des Congres, Go Global Expo

October 10th, Montreal, Concordia University, Volunteer & Leadership Fair

Ottawa & Kingston

September 26th, Kingston, Queen’s University, Go Abroad Fair

October 11th, Ottawa, U of O, Hemispheres Fair

Toronto & Around

September 18th, London, University of Western Ontario, International Opportunities Fair

September 20th, Hamilton, McMaster University, Go Abroad Fair

September 21st, Waterloo, WLU, Crossing Borders Fair

September 22-23, Toronto, Hyatt Regency, Go Global Expo

September 24th, Toronto, York University, Go Abroad Fair

September 26th, Mississauga, UTM, Get Experience Fair

Vancouver & Around

September 17th, Surrey, SFU, Volunteer and Community Engagement Fair

September 19-20, Burnaby, SFU, Volunteer and Community Engagement Fair

September 22nd, Vancouver, Vancouver Convention Centre, Study and Go Abroad Fair

If you think we are missing an important event on your campus, don’t hesitate to email us at: generalinfo@yci.org. We’ll do our best to register and attend!


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