What’s Your Issue? What Are You Going To Do About It?

YCI recently launched a Global Action Grant program for Canadian Youth aged 18-35 and we want to take a moment and remind you about this opportunity!

What’s Your Issue? What Are You Going To Do About It?

The Global Action Grant is for youth interested in creating innovative solutions to youth issues in development. Three $500 grants will be awarded to young people from across Canada to fund micro-projects that raise awareness about development issues at here in Canada.

Grant applicants are encouraged to submit applications that engage their peers and the public around global development issues. Ideas for possible projects include:
• A collaborative or crowd-sourced film project with youth viewpoints from across Canada on environmental issues
• A facilitated program in a small community in Canada for local youth to learn tools for advocacy
• A ‘Feast or Famine’ dinner party series to shed light on issues of global youth hunger and food security
• A mini-conference/call to action for local youth to collaborate with community leaders to improve youth services in their municipality

We will be accepting applications until December 1st, 2012 for project activities to be implemented between January 15th and March 30th 2013. Grant applications can be submitted in any format (e.g., video, essay, infographic, photos, blog, etc.). Tell us in the most compelling way you can, ‘What’s Your Issue? And, What Are You Going To Do About It?’ We are looking for creativity and innovation in the applications and the projects. Include in your submission a breakdown of how you plan on spending the $500 for your micro-project.

Winners will be featured on the YCI website, blog and social media channels. Press releases will also be distributed in the winners’ local community. The grant recipients will be expected to report on the progress, successes and challenges of their micro-project prior to the March 30th, 2013 project completion deadline.

To submit your application or if you have any questions: sarah.vickery@yci.org

Throughout the coming months, we will be featuring blog posts from our Youth Writers, Alumni and staff featuring the issues they feel strongly about. Keep Reading!


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