YCI Infographic: 2011 Global Impact

Thanks to the generous help of Niki, our Catchafire volunteer, our 2011 statistics have been turned into an infographic. Since this is our first infographic, we are pretty excited. Here it is below. If you would like to see the PDF version or download it, click on the link under the photo. Thanks again Niki!

Youth Challenge International

YCI 2011: Global Impact


2 thoughts on “YCI Infographic: 2011 Global Impact

  1. I like the diagrammatic representation of the work done. I am not convinced that you are representing “Impact” here. It may be more cautious and useful to show these diagrams as Outputs of your programs globally.

    In order to show impact a comprehensive longer term assessment would need to be done against several indicators to show the measurable changes which can only be done against a set baseline. I may be mistaken if this was done but certainly the data you are showing does not equate to impact.

  2. Thank you for insightful comment. This infographic is only one of the ways we share information about our programs and it is by no means able to capture our entire program model and design. This is just a snapshot of our international programs.

    If you would like more information on our programs please feel free to email us generalinfo@yci.org

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