Alumni Update: From Accra to Cape Town

Meredith made her way from an Innovator placement in Ghana to a CIDA internship in the Mother City…Cape Town

It was over 9 months ago that I arrived in Ghana to volunteer as a Gender Innovator through YCI. From January-March 2012 over a period of 7 weeks, I worked in Accra at the Ghanaian NGO Youth Empowerment Synergy (YES) with another YCI Innovator to develop a Gender Equality Policy and formal Implementation Strategy. During my placement, I collaborated with fantastic Ghanaian and Canadian colleagues while promoting gender equality, listened to the passionate voices of YES-Ghana youth activists, and was privileged with the opportunity to see some of Ghana’s beauty over weekend travels to places such as Cape Coast and Kumasi.

The incredible educational and professional experience I had through YCI encouraged subsequent international opportunities. Currently, I am an intern at the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) in Cape Town, South Africa through the CIDA IYIP program. In this role I am also working on gender equality projects, such as researching the impact of health systems on gender issues and encouraging social sciences researchers to be attentive to issues of gender in their various projects.

Although I am thousands of kilometers away from Ghana, I have wonderful memories of the experiences I had and the friendships I made during my YCI placement in Accra. I hope to cross paths with my Ghanaian and Canadian friends in the future and dance the Azonto once more!

To read more about my CIDA IYIP placement in Cape Town, check out my blog:

-Meredith Evans, Youth Innovator, Ghana 2012


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