GLOBAL ACTION GRANTS: Only 2 Weeks to Apply!

Do Something That Matters!

What’s Your Issue? What Are You Going To Do About It?

We want to remind you of our Global Action Grant program for Canadian Youth aged 18-35 interested in creating innovative solutions to youth issues in development. Three $500 grants will be awarded to young people from across Canada to fund micro-projects implemented in their community to raise awareness about development issues.

Grant applicants are encouraged to create a unique way to engage their peers and the public around global development issues. Send in your grant applications by December 1st for project activities to be implemented between January 15th and March 30th 2013. Grant applications can take any form. Tell us in the most compelling way you can, ‘What’s Your Issue? And What Are You Gong To Do About It? You can use video, essays, photos, infographics or any other format you like.  We are looking for creativity and innovation in the applications and the projects. Include in your submission a breakdown of how you plan on spending the $500 for your mini project.

For complete grant information click here: To submit your application or if you have any questions, email or call (416) 504 3370, extension 312.


One thought on “GLOBAL ACTION GRANTS: Only 2 Weeks to Apply!

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