YCI Underground Dinner Series #2

An open concept venue provided an excellent backdrop to YCI’s second instalment of our underground fundraising dinner series.

Last Thursday, YCI’s gracious board members hosted YCI’s second quarterly fundraising dinner at mystery location #2 in the Toronto downtown Core.  The only similarity to the past Peruvian themed dinner was the cryptic directions guests received; walk half a block until you find the entrance to a grafittied alleyway, continue to walk until you find a woman carrying a Wooden Giraffe.

URSA Chef Jonathon Lucas, delighted guests all evening long creating a stunning 5-course meal consisting of bright seasonal ingredients, including a root vegetable salad, butter and tea soaked lobster and de-constructed pumpkin pie.

Guests enjoyed the open-concept space while sipping on wine and beer served by a striking and witty young intern. YCI’s latest infographic, breaking down the accomplishments of 2011 was on display for the party-goers to study as the conversation shifted to youth development and the importance of investing in youth.

The night was a great success thanks to our engaged board members and new supporters. We appreciate all who contributed to the night and cannot wait for the next dinner. Email rsvp@yci.org if you are interested in receiving an invitation to the next.

Chef Jonathon Lucas from Ursa shared his culinary talents with the crowd.

Leigh Matassa, YCI’s Program Assistant, helped by serving drinks.

Jane Baldwin, Director of Program Development at YCI, shared some of the impact of our programs.

Stephen Brown, YCI Board Chair, shared his involvement with Youth Challenge International with the guests.

Board members Paritosh Gambhir and Julius Tapper enjoying the evening with a fellow guest. Julius was also the photographer for the event and provided us with these great shots and many more. Thanks!






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