To All of YCI’s Volunteers….THANK YOU!

Happy International Volunteer Day!


Today we are celebrating all of our incredible volunteers that have contributed a considerable amount of their time, dedication, and energy to YCI’s youth development programs. As an organization based on volunteerism, we could not achieve our mission of building communities and leaders without the commitment of our international and local volunteers. They are passionate, determined, and hardworking young people that invest months, not only hours, to fundraise, prepare, and support our youth programs overseas. We are tremendously grateful for all of our volunteers and their efforts to drive positive change.

At YCI, our model of volunteerism is much broader than the simple service of volunteers. We work hard to ensure that our volunteers have the necessary support, resources, preparation and training that they need to learn, develop their personal and professional skills, and succeed. Our volunteers are not just temporary manpower filling gaps, they are a core part of our team and everything that we do. Last year 35,000 hours were spent by volunteers working locally and overseas on development projects, now that is dedication!

A HUGE thank you to all of our volunteers who have participated in our overseas projects this past year…

–       All of our local volunteers and peer educators in our program countries

–       Our interns in YCI HQ | Adriana Koolman, Liesl Harwood, Leigh Matassa, Christopher Sharpe, Kristy Tomkinson, and Robin Way

–       Alumni Volunteers (who have volunteered for a 3rd time!) | Jeremy Neeposh & Lonny Chen

–       Alumni Volunteers (who have volunteered for a 2nd time!) | Lisa D’Alimonte, Jelena Zaric and Jamie Hurrell,

–       Volunteers | Sarah Anderson, Sida Bai, Nathalie Landry, Allison Burney, Laura Jarecsni, Malcolm Pritchard, Kendra Seignoret, Joanna Mendell, Nisha Minhas, Andrea Nicolls, Erin Sunstrum, Kaitlynn Tidwell, Heather Harvey, Mike Talbot, Miranda Coon, Linda Marroquin- Ponce, Mark Gilbert, Anita Lee, Toral Padia, Kavitha Pachagounder, Christi Graham, Henna Khawja, Jean Lawson, Erik Jackson, Shelagh Howell, Evan Hollihan, Andrew O’Dea, Leah Tomblin, Meredith Evans, Veronica Lasanowski, Anne Bouvier, David Caughey, Jared Hretsina, Jennifer MacKensie, Devin Matthews, Jenilee Ward, Danika King, Emily Trudell, Denise Lipscombe, Mara Pratt, Emma Pringle, Laura Stocker, Sorina Bereneant, Christopher Sharpe, Whitney Beaver, Dan Irwin, Quinn McMarrow, Johannah Rolland-Murphy, Donna Oriowo, Gaya Arasaratnam, Christine Cormier, Renee-Claude Poirier, Alexandra Townsend, Zoe Abrahams, Devyn Ewanchuk, Samantha Miceli, Melanie Penner, Emma Sanges, Mariah Griffin Angus, Kendra Borutski, Clare Esler, Sana Malik, Helena Togias, Benjamin Verboom, Camaro West, Devin Woods, Adele Lane, Stephanie McAnany, Obot Egbo-Egbo, Alyson Keelan, Carleigh Guiry, Alisha Kalyniak, Christa Kocha, Alanna Russell, Jocelyn F Doucette, Elisa Fowles, Sandra MacGregor, Sheriff Wiredu, Stephanie Marcotte, Shenikah Newman, Zackery Pate, Alicia Perry, Erin Scott, Claire Stanbridge, Cecilia (Mirjam) Groen, Gloria Eid, Celina Wapachee

And finally, we would like to say thank you to all of our alumni and friends of YCI for their continued support!

Amanda Armstrong, Volunteer Program Coordinator


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