YCI Volunteer of the Year Nominations Open!

Youth Challenge International is pleased to put forward the following call for nominations for the seventh annual YCI Volunteer of the Year Award.


The award is presented in celebration of youth volunteerism to one youth. Award recipients are individuals who set an example by:

  • Volunteering in connection with YCI between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2012 inclusively (Volunteers may be office volunteers, volunteers with YCI’s partner organizations or alumni of YCI’s international volunteer programs*).
  • Demonstrating characteristics of global citizenship- including respect and values diversity, and the willingness to act for equity and sustainability

Nominations can come from anyone within the YCI stakeholder community. To nominate an individual, please submit a short (150-250 word) biography that describes how the nominee’s past and current skills, experience, interests and qualities meet the above criteria.
Please submit your nominations by Friday December 21st, 2012 to generalinfo@yci.org.

*IYIP interns do not qualify for nominations but Youth Ambassadors, Youth Innovators and Youth Leadership Teams do. You can nominate more than one person. A combined team of YCI staff at HQ and Board members will make the final selection for the Volunteer of the Year Award.


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