Staff Q&A: Introducing Robin!

Robin Way has recently joined the YCI team as the new Social Media & Communications Intern. Robin comes to YCI as a recent graduate of Queen’s University Global Development Studies MA program, where her research focused on migration and development, with additional focus on xenophobia, refugee rights, gender and development and youth education. Robin realized her strong interest in international development when she spent 4 months in 2009 interning in Lamu, Kenya, with an HIV/AIDS women’s peer-education organization. After spending a year working with the youth mentoring organization Big Brothers Big Sisters in her home town of Edmonton, Robin decided to return to school to complete her Master’s degree. Through Queen’s, she was able to return to Africa in 2011 to conduct fieldwork research with African refugees and intern with the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation in Cape Town, South Africa. Upon finishing school, Robin made the move to Toronto this past summer and is thrilled to now be working with YCI!


Robin doing the Lion’s Head hike in Cape Town, South Africa. After hiking through a bit of rain, that beautiful rainbow come out and the top of Lion’s Head made the perfect place to see it!

 As someone who is brand new to Youth Challenge International, I can say that I am very excited to be joining the YCI team! Two of the things I am most passionate about – international development and youth engagement – come together in an amazing way in the work that YCI does to promote Youth Development. Youth are so important in all facets to the future of all that is encompassed within “development”. This generation of youth is the largest in history and they are key players in the pursuit of social justice and development. I believe in educating and engaging youth so that they are interested in and aware of how this globalized world is connected. To see youth coming together from both local and international communities and engaging in civil society and demanding social justice is one the most amazing things!

I’ve only been at YCI for a month, but already I’ve learned so much about managing social media content (like this blog!) and strategies for contacting, consulting and communicating with our volunteers and supporters. The ability for social media to reach individuals and communities across the globe and to link them together in a common space is an amazing tool; I am so happy to be facilitating this bridging for YCI’s youth development mission!

When not at the office, I love travelling to different places; so far my only main trips have been to Kenya, London (England), India and South Africa.  I’m from Edmonton, Alberta, which just a short trip away from the Rockie Mountains (my favourite place it the world!), therefore, I love being outdoors camping and hiking in the mountains. While in South Africa I fell in love with surfing, though I’m not very good at it, and I also like practicing yoga, listening to music and running.

Oh, and I’m also a bit of a news junkie – I love keeping up to date on the latest Canadian and international political news!


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